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Andrew Tate: Best Interview UNCENSORED

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Andrew Tate reveals the truth behind getting rich, becoming successful & gaining power - Enjoy!

00:00 Intro
03:20 Do You Have True Freedom?
04:29 Tate's BIG Problem With Electric Cars
09:20 If You Could Undo The Cancellation, Would You?
11:20 Elon UNBANNED Tate
12:13 Does Tate Believe EVERYTHING He Says?
13:30 Tate On Negative Interactions
15:20 Is Tate EVIL
16:59 Tate Explains How POWER Works
19:42 Tate On Being A Billionaire, & Owning NOTHING
22:49 Tate On Logan Paul, True Geordie & Crypto Scams
27:19 Was Being CANCELLED Part Of Tate's Plan?
29:29 Tate Speaks On Wealth & Spending Habits
35:38 Do We NEED Slave Minded People In The World?
39:06 Tate Opens Up About Depression
46:26 Tate On Winners VS Losers
49:00 Where Do You Call Home?
51:45 Tate Speaks On Romania, Dubai, UK & Taxes
58:18 Tate On Declining Population & Migration
1:04:21 Who's In Charge Of The World?
1:05:11 Tate Reveals The Truth About Having Multiple Women
1:11:09 How Do You Know If A Girl Is Gold Digging?
1:16:34 What Is An Achievable Salary In 2023?
1:18:36 Tate On Why You're Broke
1:21:26 How Do You Seek Out Mentors?
1:25:20 How Do People Take Action?
1:32:07 Tate On SBF & The FTX Collapse & Investing
1:34:55 What Is The Best Way To Make Money In 2023?
1:46:08 Tate On How Much Money He SPENDS
1:50:58 Tate ADMITS His Relationship With Money Is Unhealthy
1:55:48 I Used To Think Everyone Was Broke, Now Everyone Is Rich
1:59:03 Should Men Expect So Much Of Themselves?
2:03:41 Can You Be Deemed Successful If You're Not Rich?
2:04:21 Tates Advice To Teenagers
2:09:38 "I Can NEVER Be Poor"
2:16:14 "I Will Honour My Ancestors"
2:24:42 When Is Enough, Enough?

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